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Print To 3D received a brand new Dimension SST 1200es which was intuduced to the market on 2/26/08.

We now have a Mobile phone number. This number allows you to contact us 24 hours a day.

Our NEW quoting form is now availablehere.

Today we received our Dimension 3D printer.

Starting Monday April 16 2007 Print To 3D will be open for business. We can start quoting your parts on April 9th. Please bear with us as we are still developing our web page.


Print To 3D is based in a small town of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

I founded this home based business on 2/9/2007 because I believe 3D printing is here to stay.

So go lets bring your old paper and/ or new CAD designs and bring them to life with models made of ABS plastic.

We hope to be printing parts sometime in the summer of 2007.

Welcome, lets see what we can print for you!

Print To 3D has two Dimension FDM 3D printers for all of your needs! We now have Dimensions top end model which is the SST 1200es. We have a maximum build size of 10x10x12 inches on our SST 1200es which uses 40% stronger ABS than our Dimension BST 768. In addition to our 3D printing services we also offer 3D modeling, .stl file format conversion, .stl file repair, and .stl file splitting (for large parts). Both of our 3D printers print parts from ABS plastic which is available in several colors. Our printers have a build layer down to .01 inches in thickness.

We have a very fast turn around time, some parts can be received in less than three days from an order!

We do not have a minimum order of $150 like most other online service providers. Some parts less than three cubic inches can be printed for less than $75!

or you can simply email your CAD files to for a quote.

AndyMark, Inc. (6 mecanum wheel)

Since we are a home based business our quotes are usually lower than our competitors; we dare you to get a quote from the competition! You will be surprised how much lower our quotes are!

Print To 3D creates a prototype iPhone case.

Click here to see how what uses you may have for 3D printing.

Visit our picture page to see sample parts and our equipment.

Wondering about all of this technology?

We service anyone, and can print the quantity of parts you need in a short amount of time. It doesnt matter if you are a large corporation or an individual that just needs one part printed. Do you have this invention in your head and need prototype parts? Our printer can even make models that are nearly impossible to make using other methods and these ABS plastic models can even be used as functional parts.

If our parts do not completely satisfy your needs and do not meet up to your standards we will do our best to make it right. Please visit ourpoliciespage for more information.

Our business goal is to keep you happy and charge reasonable printing prices so you can come back for more 3D models.

Need your parts drawn into Computer Aided Design (CAD) models? We can draw your parts into the files needed for printing.

We are always open to your ideas, comments, or questions Please email them to us at:

Amazon launches online store for 3D printers

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Online retail giant Amazon has dedicated a section of its site to selling 3D printers in another move towards the devices becoming mainstream.

ByNick HeathJune 13, 2013 — 15:08 GMT (23:08 GMT+08:00)Topic:Hardware

In another step towards 3D printers finding a place in everday businesses and homes, online retailer Amazon has dedicated asection of its site to selling 3D printers.

The site sells 3D printers from well-known manufacturers such as Makerbot, as well as others such as Cubify and fabbster, alongside 3D printer filament and spare parts.

Prices for machines range from the $1,099 JET Open Source 3D printer Replicator G to $2,479 MakerBot Replicator 2 Desktop 3D printer.

The store marks another move towards mainstream adoption for 3D printing, and follows stationary chainStaples decision to begin stocking 3D printers.

For years 3D printers, which build solid objects layer by layer using computer models, came with a price tag that made them unaffordable to anyone outside big business.

However, in recent years homebrew 3D printer projects such asRepRapin the UK and demonstrated its possible to build a 3D printer for about $1,000, and3D printers aimed at the home market have started to emerge.

The emergence of the, relatively, low-cost 3D printer market has also fuelled a rise in the number of schematics for printable 3D models freely available online, with people sharing their designs for items ranging from quadroceptors to hermit crab shells through sites .

Chromebooks in 2018: Ready for take-off?

Harmon Kardon Invoke, First Take: More Cortana integrations and skills required

Google pulls YouTube from Amazon Fire TV, Echo Show

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Print My Ride A 3D Printed Roller Coaster

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Atelier: Your Free 3D Printer Host Software

Atelier is a 3D Printer Host, in other words, a 3D printer host is a software capable to do the management of one or more printers from a PC or Raspberry PI for example. Backing up us is the Free Software ideology that follows 3DPrinting

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Want to upgrade your hotend or just looking to see some of the offerings on the market right now here is a easy to digest list of some hotends that could allow your printers to print with new materials in multiple colours and with

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In this first episode of a series, Chris introduces the 4 main ways that people make money with 3d printing, and gives a reality check of what is actually involved versus the fantasy

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3D Printed Mallet Project : Printed in PLA

Interview with Felipe Martins Boa Impressão 3D

Evan Kale should be on your YouTube watch list

Print My Ride A 3D Printed Roller Coaster

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MIT Researchers Dvl Slf-Pling Droplets For Controlled

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How to NOT Alienate 3D Printing Customers

INprinting Hemp Based HIPS Filament

In this first episode of a series, Chris introduces the 4 main ways that people make money with 3d printing, and gives a reality check of what is actually involved versus the fantasy

3D Printed Mallet Project : Printed in PLA

3D Printer G-CODES – The newbie guide!

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3D Printer Covers by 3DJake

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PrintaFix Basic – Warp-free Printing Results

Printing Tips for colorFabb copperFill

Printing Tips for the colorFabb CorkFill

The Ingenious BuildTak Print Surface

3DJAKE I Love You! – Printable Gift Certificate

Polymaker 2-pack Polysher Nebulizer

Fillamentum PLA Extrafill Orange Orange

Cover incl. HEPA Filter for the Zortrax M300

3DJake International shopping highlights

Free Deliveryto Austria from € 45,00

We shipgloballytomore than 90 countries

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Octave Systems

3D Printers, 3D Filament & Accessories, Duplicators

3D Printing Tips and Tricks for Afinia/UP

3D Modeling Software For 3D Printing

Makers Empire 3D Printing Learning Program for Schools

$550 Savings on Tiertime UP BOX+ 3D Printer

$50 Savings on Tiertime UP mini 2 3D Printer

3DPrintClean 660 3D Printer Enclosure

Polymaker PolyBox Filament Storage Box

Dobot Magician 4-Axis Robotic Arm, Education Package

Emblaser 2 Laser Cutter/Engraver with Air Assist, Camera, WiFi

With a huge build volume (12x12x12), high resolution (0.01 – 0.25mm), an all-metal hot-end than heats up to 300 C, remote monitoring via ethernet or wi-fi, single and dual extruder models, and a whole list of features that set it apart, the Raise 3D range of printers is the perfect choice for professional use.

The ultimate 3D printer for a STEM classroom, the UP mini 2 beats all competitors on safety, price point and print quality. Click to learn why the UP mini 2 is the right choice for your school today.

Top quality ABS and PLA filament for Desktop 3D printers from Octave Systems. Large selection of colors, including Copper & Aluminium, for the Afinia, UP, FlashForge, MakerBot, RepRap, PrintrBot, MakerGear, Solidoodle, Ultimaker, Robo3D, and other 3D printers. Also available is the Octave Rainbow ABS filament with 4 colors on one spool.

3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping Blog

Makers Empire 3D Learning Program for Schools


10 Tips to Maintain Your 3D Printer

3D printing is a new technology which is still in the process of development. In the coming years, there will be a lot of developments which will be made in the field of 3D printing. So, if you are among those…

Windform 3D printing materials at Milipol 2017

Windform materials are on display at Milipol 2017 with CRP Technology and Hexadrone.The 20th edition Milipol Paris is being held until 24th November at…

VERASHAPE Partners with a University

On October 22nd, 2017, a cooperation agreement was signed between the manufacturer of VSHAPER 3D Printers and University of Information Technology and Management in…

Alignment for 3D Printing Made Simple

As OEM manufacturer of scan systems, SCANLAB GmbH helps demanding users to get more precision, thanks to a software-based 3D Calibration Wizard. This calibration…

Find out the hottest auto racing 3D printed parts with CRP USAFrom 7th to 9th December CRP USA will be exhibiting at the Indiana…

German University Hospital Mainz Pioneers Surgical Planning for Life-Saving Vascular Surgeries with 3D Printing

Surgeons at the University of Mainz Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery Department are using Stratasys PolyJet 3D printing to transform the hospitals surgical planning process…

VERASHAPE CEO Meets with Deputy Prime Minister

On November 16th and 17th 2017, at the G2A Arena, another edition of the Kongres 590, organized under the patronage of the President of…

3D Printing in Supercar Parts Prototyping

OMNI3D, Arrinera Technology and OE Industry have joined forces to create a fully functional car lamp prototype. The project was carried out in FFF…

The Worlds first printed pleating costume

At the beginning of December in London, during a show of the prestigious Royal College of Art (RCA), it will be possible to see…

ColorFabb is Sintratecs new reseller

Sintratecs desktop SLS machines are now being distributed by the Dutch 3D printing specialist ColorFabb. Sintratec thereby expands its distribution network to the Benelux…

Simplify3D and Dremel Announce Partnership to Enhance Capabilities of Dremel DigiLab 3D Printers

Simplify3D and Dremel today announced a partnership between the companies to expand the printing capabilities of the popular 3D20, 3D40, and the new 3D45…

Materialise Magics 3D Print Suite Boosts Automation, Optimization and Productivity with Latest Release

The automation and efficiency that software can bring will have a great impact on the development of Industry 4.0. The new updates in the…

Nexa3D Announces Investment from XYZprinting

Nexa3D Announces Investment from XYZprinting and OurCrowd, Bringing Total Funding to $10 millionAs part of agreement, XYZprinting to Manufacture and Sell Nexa3Ds Revolutionary High-Speed…

XYZprinting Partners with DWS to Broaden Access to Affordable Desktop Stereolithography and DLP Printers9th November 2017 – XYZprinting, the worlds leading desktop 3D printer…

XYZprinting Inks Deal with Sicnova to Deliver Large-Format Plastic Extrusion Printers Worldwide9th November 2017 – XYZprinting, the worlds leading desktop 3D printer brand, have…

Blueprints for the Next Generation of SLM Systems

Additive manufacturing is becoming increasingly important in industrial production. Decisive factors are the scalability of the build volume and the productivity of additive manufacturing…

Part 1: Development and History of 3D Printing Technologies

Part 2: Overview of Current 3D Printing Methods

10 Tips to Maintain Your 3D Printer

VERASHAPE Partners with a University

Windform 3D printing materials at Milipol 2017

Additive Manufacturing Hype or Disruption?

Following last weeks question to industry experts on what we can expect from 3D Printing in 2016, we asked them whether they believe additive…

Industry Experts on the Future of 3D Printing What Can…

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3D Printer Covers

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PrintaFix Basic – Warp-free Printing Results

colorFabb_HT – Temperature Resistant Filament

High Performance PLA Silver / Metal Grey

colorFabb PLA / PHA Ultra Marine Blue

Polymaker 2-pack Polysher Nebulizer

Fillamentum PLA Extrafill Orange Orange

Free Deliveryto United Kingdom from 40.00

We shipgloballytomore than 90 countries

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3D Printing Systems

The UP family of 3D Printers is the number one selling 3D Printers in Australia which include the following  models the UP Box, UP Plus 2 and the UP Mini. They have won many awards as they are cheap to buy but are some of the best 3D printers money can buy.

OUR TRUSTED BRANDS At Aussie 3D you can Shop with Confidence knowing we sell quality products from leading brands

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3D Printer Manual

Download the user manual for your UP BOX 3D Printer:

Download the Quick Start for your UP BOX 3D Printer:

Download the manual for your UP Plus 2 3D Printer:

Download the manual for your UP Mini 3D Printer:

UP Mini Manualversion 31/1/13[/tab] Download the manual for your UP Plus 3D Printer:UP Plus Manualversion 31/1/13

3D Printer Equipment Shop Online

Taulman T-Glase Blue 3D Printing Filament – 1.75 mm

[3D CAM] 5 PCS DRV8825 StepStick Stepper Motor Drivers for 3D Printer …

[3D CAM] LCD Smart Controller for RepRap 3D Printer RAMPS 1.4 Electron…

Witbot MKS-Gen V1.4 Controller Board Integrated Ramps 1.4 and Mega 256…

XYZprinting da Vinci 1.0 AiO All-in-One 3D Printer (Scan/Edit/Print)

3D Solutech Silver Metal 1.75mm PLA 3D P…

3D Solutech Real Black 1.75mm 3D Printer…

3D Solutech Natural Clear 1.75 mm 3D Pri…

FlashForge 3D Printers, New Model: Finde…

3D Solutech Real White 1.75mm 3D Printer…

3D Solutech Navy Blue 1.75mm 3D Printer …

Iglide I180-1.75-250 Tribo 3D Printing F…

3D Printer 19.68 x 19.68 x 1…

3D Printing PLA White 1.75mm Filament 2….

GIANTARM® 3D Printer Mecreator 2 Assembl…

Nextpage 1.75 mm 3D Printer Filament PLA…

All youve got to do in order to prepare the printer is plug it in your computer and watch for the drivers to be installed automatically. The MC1 3D Printer is readily the priciest 3D printer available on the market. You dont need to have a 3D printer to gain from one. If you intend to use a 3D printer for ongoing large-scale business production, you should first think about the expense of classic manufacturing. Printing Features in regards to large-scale 3D printers, there are a number of technologies to pick from. Many 3D printers arrive with some simple maintenance tools and replacement parts. Since many consumer 3D printers utilize some type of plastic, industrial printers can extrude and manipulate a number of other materials like wood, nylon, copper and respective high-quality plastics.

Within has only been in operation for six decades, but could already boast an unbelievable selection of revolutionary goods, which it continues to improve upon. You may have even employed the companies products yourself. Our engineering product design customers vary from all around Canada.

As the next figure shows, there are many alternative 3D printing businesses to put money into. The entire 3D printing business is getting more versatile in regard to businesses, applications and printable materials. It provides CNC manufacturing along with injection molding. Many manufacturers deliver proprietary filament engineered particularly for their personal 3D printers. Various on-line 3D printer retailers have existed for quite a while, but these 2 stores are the very first brick-and-mortar versions. Additionally, it operates the greatest 3D printing shop in Central London.

Support removal systems are likewise a typical item thats included. In the event the Computer Aided Design software isnt up your alley, youre able to simply download 3D printer files from a selection of sites. 3D Systems is another of the best 3D printing businesses in the Earth, and is frequently discussed together with Stratasys. Fortunately, modern technology has changed how models are created. For those who have been reading anything whatsoever about 3D technology, youve got doubtless heard of them.

If you are able to imagine something and design it in CAD software, its possible to ensure it is physically real through the usage of a 3D printer. The plan files permit you to create your own modifications and enhancements. In case you arent already knowledgeable about the 3D design, you might want to have a look at some online courses before diving into Blender. If you prefer a means to make 3D designs online, there are a couple strong resources available.

Based on your need and facility space, make certain you locate a printer you could accommodate easily. 3D Systems printers arrive in various sizes and manufacturing speeds and print mainly various sorts of plastics. Most printers come with a few parts detached for effortless delivery. Building a larger printer really isnt the answer. An affordable 3D printer still needs to generate quality outcomes. Prior to buying an expert 3D printer, be certain to know what technology you want, and what size it is possible to deal with. Cube 3D printer isnt just a 3d printer but in addition an air cleaner.

The range of different sort of printers can provide something to each one of these industries but to the consumers too. It actually is dependent on your reason behind investing in a 3D printer. The Mojo 3D Printer supplies you with a great first step into the sphere of skilled 3D printing. A number of the worlds biggest 3D printers are available in China.

ABS Plastic prints are created using UprintSEPlus, an expert grade 3d printer. 3D printing is utilized in the health care industry for the creation of surgical and diagnostic aids, the maturation of prosthetics and health care goods, tissue engineering, and the plan of medical equipment and tools. FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) 3d Printing is definitely the most frequent and famous technique of 3d prototyping. It is becoming the phrase on everyones lips these days. When youre seeking to move into large-scale 3D printing, dont forget to pick the proper dimensions, resolution and printing material for your company needs. Fargo 3D Printing offers both on-site and digital training so you can get ready to go quickly.

If youre on the lookout for cool things to 3D print, this is a rather very good place to begin. Following that, you just have to earn a quick print and prepare the motors. In fact, many prints need additional attention after you remove them from the build plate. Complete Color Sandstone prints are created employing the Projet 660, an expert grade 3d printer.

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