2018 Women Fashion Trend

2018 Women Fashion Trend

Trend 1: Linear Art
The major brands on the runway in the autumn and winter stretch the linear element throughout this surging fashion trend.
Valentino incorporates the hollow perspective aesthetics into the linear decoration and blooms beautiful wavy lines on the body. Alexander McQueen spreads the weaving elements to the entire body, mistaking the complex and linear decorations to live up to the sturdiness of the right and the soft, to express the solemnity of the ceremonial sense, and to have some abstinence in the elegance!

Trend II: Large waist
The concept of waist has been active in the eyes of the public for the past two quarters and will intensify in the next season.
The wide waistband brings the delicate body of the model out of a realm, emphasizing the curvaceous posture of the woman’s abundance, using a variety of materials and design elements in the waist, with perspective lace, leather, zipper, and double-layered overlays.

Trend III: Off Shoulder Elements
This season’s show “shoulderless killing” continues to make its debut, and the trend of the next quarter will continue unabated.
Slipped shoulders, shoulders, and collars are all on the shoulders in this wonderful part of the site, interpreting the non-exclusive high-level sex. Rather than cover up, it is better to display a good figure gracefully. This time even the formal dress was occupied by bare shoulder elements.

Trend Four: England Plaid
Plaid elements are the eternal classics of the designer’s writing. In this season, Plaid has become no longer “conservative” and has become a mature feminine charm.
Plaid does not appear in publicity and exposure, but it becomes more stylish. On Calvin Klein’s show field, Plaid was wrapped in a “raincoat”, stacked and blended to create intriguing textures; Thom Browne’s diamond-shaped plaids woven into new modernity; Alexander Wang combined metallic elements on plaids to bring unexpected coolness. Handsome charm.

Trend 5: Gorgeous Velvet
The velvet elements favored in these two years, the performance of thousands of styles on the show floor is completely beyond the spectator’s imagination.
From sexy enchantress to strong sharpness, creating a rich and gorgeous texture. Elie Saab conveys the noble fashion with large color mosaic elements; Tadashi Shoji’s velvet suit shines with the tough and cool of upper-class people; Jeremy Scott focuses on the velvet wide-leg pants with excellent drape and the color is consistent.

Trend six: silhouette down
Many brands of down jackets in this season tend to have an Oversize feel in profile.
Profile feather is a major trend.
This season, the down jacket broke the original form, and the square shape that looks rather tough was formed into the mainstream. Emphasizing that the line between the shoulder line and the hem is more imposing. Sports details, fur lapels, large prints, and bright leather make it possible to break the deadlock and make the down jacket more fashionable.

Trend 7: Exotic folk style
Models have put on nomadic feelings of patchwork dresses, gorgeous colorful printing and rich colors blowing a strong “most dazzling ethnic style”!
With the exotic Paisley pattern, the floral patterns of Boho style oscillating with the classical bohemian hand-painted totems, the complex floral patterns are full of implied meanings and charms, and the tribal wave of brilliance brings a kind of sensation. A strong sense of palpitation.

Trend eight: bright silver light

The glittering metallic elements on the T stage are not uncommon. Compared with Tyrant’s gold, silver is more noble and restrained than BlingBling.

Chanel took the silver element in the Starfield show this season; Mugler added silver fabrics to the accordion folds to create a more interesting visual sense.