Tough 3D Ink Settings

I got a Micro as my first printer last week. So far I love it and Ive had no problems, but Im trying to load a spool of Tough 3D Ink that I ordered from M3D with my printer and the cheat code is showing as invalid. The code is T-G-B.

I tried for the last hour to find information about the print temp for this ink on the internet, but there is literally no info. Anybody used this? Whats a good temperature?

Has anyone used this Tough 3D on the Makerbot? I can get it to go through the extruder

I dont have an M3D but I have been experimenting with the material. It prints best on my QIDI at 255 with a heat bed temp of 40 (it also sticks on the bed by itself just better when heated). I had a hard time getting it to run through the gears at anything less. This stuff is less ridged than Flex when coming off the spool.

I finally received my filament order this week and got around to trying it tonight.

The code on the spool (TGB) auto set the temperature to 220. This is with version 2016-05-06-v1.4.2.5-MAC.

The invoice that came with my order said to use a temperature of 225.

Neither of those worked at all for me.

I bumped the temperature by 5, and tried again. And again. Etc.

When I got to 245, that seemed to do the trick for me. The raft didnt look as good as a corresponding PLA one, but the model came out fine.

Ill just copy paste what I replied to you on the official forums so that people here can see as well:

Use code FLX, it works for me on flexible filament. Its weird, they put code TGB on the tough ink, but it doesnt seem to work for anyone. Try FLX and it should put the temperature around 245

I use FLX.. works great, I really like the stuff.. I hear the newer software and maybe firmwares are going to lower the temp from 245 to 225.. but honestly Im not having an issue with it..

Yes they dont have that code programmed in yet. Use TGH. I found that it printed better if the temp was set to 225 degrees. At the original 245 degrees, it stuck to the print tack way too much and support material was impossible to remove in some places. It might print even better at 220.

So M3D support got back to me. Heres what they said:

The cheat code that you need to be entering is TGH. To ensure the code works, please make sure that you have our latest software installed on your computer. Please also be mindful that our Tough 3D Ink is intended for external port use only and that a printing temperature of 225 C is recommended. If the code is still not working or you do not want to install our latest software, you can simply enter PLA and change the temperature to 225.

Im about to give it a try. Will update.

If you use v1.4.2.3, then listen to what they said, but if you use v1.4.0.x, then use FLX. I still dont understand why they promote TGH so much, because FLX is the one that works.

Well, neither FLX or TGH is reading as valid. Ive just loaded it and manually changed the temp, so well see what happens.

As far as my software version, it says Im on v1.3.6.5 and that there are no updates. So theres that.

The M3D software doesnt tell you whether or not there is an update, but infact there is. The Tough 3D Ink was officially supported in the v1.4.0.X series (and v1.4.2.3). Id highly advise you update to a v1.4.0.X or v1.4.2.3 software if you want it to work.

I had looked carefully through those downloadables and didnt find anything newer that wasnt in beta. I just downloaded v1.4.0.9 and Ill give it a shot.

Worth mentioning that Im on Mac and there are far fewer updates for OS X than Windows.

That said, I just did a test print with v1.4.0.9 and everything worked — it got the cheat code and everything. Thanks!

Yeah Ive used this before. A big misconception is that the code is TGH or TGB. This is wrong. The code you must use for Tough 3D ink is FLX. Make sure it is FLX or else it most likely wont work. FLX has worked great for me, and everyone else Ive told over on the forums

Hi, Ive read somewhere that it should be 245 C.

As for the code, in the January software version Ive noticed there is the TGH code I suppose you can use this one.

This is scary, since I just ordered my M3D and a few spools of ink. One of the spools is the tough ink. Ill find out Monday night if Im screwed. Have you tried contacting their support?

Not sure if you saw my update that I heard from support. I was in the same situation — I ordered one spool of yellow regular PLA, and two spools of Tough 3D, so I was scared too that I would be screwed. Im about to try a print so Ill let you know what happens.

here is a list of every cheat code on this website

Thanks for the reply, but Ive already checked this page several times. The Tough 3D Ink isnt listed anywhere on it, in any color. Its almost like M3D didnt finish rolling it out to the public.

Do you have the latest firmware loaded?

It automatically updated the firmware when I started. The expert mode window says I have version 2015-10-23-03… does that mean its from last year? Is there a newer version?

i have had mine since beginning of 2016. and there hasnt been a update since. Sorry the link didnt help. If i find it ill let you know.