Designers can engineer better products when 3D Printing is part of their toolbox. Use 3D Printing to skip investments in costly production tools and to add extra functionality to parts. But which products can truly benefit from 3D Printing? The 3D Print Barometer will tell!

The 3D Print Barometer helps manufacturers like you to identify plastic components that can benefit from 3D Printing. Browse through the example projects to learn more, or start testing your own part right now.

Materialise has 25+ years of experience applying 3D Printing in the creation of high-quality projects. Our companys team of creative engineers focuses on design for 3D Printing and our headquarters house the worlds most extensive 3D Printing factory – with 100+ machines.

Let us help you discover new opportunities and turn them into tangible results with 3D Printing. Contact us to discuss how you too can benefit from 3D Printing:

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Results of the 3D PRINT BAROMETER are indicative only. Materialise does not accept any liability for the results or the information in this tool.

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