3D lenticular software for lenticular image design lenticular printing software

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3D lenticular software for lenticular image design lenticular printing software

3D lenticular software for lenticular image design lenticular printing software

LenticularMobi professional 3d lenticulardesign software

LenticularMobi professional 3d lenticulardesign software

LenticularMobi professional 3d lenticulardesign software

Lenticular Mobi YW3D 3D lenticular design software (professional version)


Effect can be flip, morph, zoom,merge,rotate, displacement, animation, 3d. Suitable to any LPI and DPI

Advantage: Save 90% manpower, and the quality is 2 times higher.

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Lenticular Mobi software is the most famous 3d lenticular software in CHINA

Simply separate the 2D image into multiple background-erased layers with Photoshop, save it as a PSD (Photoshop) file and load it in PSD 3D Maker, and then all those slicing and merging process will be done as . can add Flip-flop animation on 3d image.

If you have higher requirements, please click here to check professional version

We are software developers,We have the right certificate

It can ensure the quality of lenticular effects

Thus lenticular products effect will more perfect

Lenticular technology allows you to stand out from your competitors and make the best use of your printing equipment. Our solution comes with everything necessary in order to create striking images with movement and 3D effect.

Produce visual applications that are more appealing due to their surprising motion, animation, depth and 3D effects.

Differentiate yourself from competitors with a new technology that will make your printing jobs more attractive.

Give your current equipment an additional use.

Creating lenticular effects is fast and easy. Cover all your printing needs with one integrated solution.Value for money

Lenticular Mobi delivers lenticular printing software that is effective and efficient at a reasonable price.Tested by printing manufacturers

Lenticular Effects is being used in numerous Demo Centers of Heidelberg, FujiFilm Europe, OC Denmark and Gandinnovations.Powerful

Built to process large image files in the shortest time. Low hardware requirements thanks to its built-in smart cache and optimized algorithms.Reliable

Launched in 2000, our solution has been used by thousands of users to print excellent lenticular works of all types.Multiplatform


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Best 3D Lenticular Lenses Sheet Technology Co., Ltd

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lenticular Mobi 3D printing factory is a set of 3D painting design, 3D painting, 3D lenticular plate, 3D picture technology training, 3D lithography (3D lenticular, lenticular lens, lenticular software, lenticular printing, 3D lenticular painting printing, 3D printing, 3D painting printing, 3D painting, printing, changing pictures).

3D industry independent development, production, sales and service as one of the company, has more than one brand-new six UV printing and processing after the road technology series productionLPI. To undertake a variety of3D lenticular UV printing, 3D, 3D lenticular pasted products materials, 3D change design, 3D change series technology, 3D change series software, 3D change advertising light box production.

With the lenticular material factory production of PP lenticular plate, PET lenticular, PVC 3D change soft materials, TPU3D change soft materials, PS advertising photo materials; 3D3D change series: 3D, two, three, changeable, animation, gradually expanding, blasting, torsion, 3D plus variable, multi3D change, melting, block, angle; 3D lenticular sheet material 10LPI, 12LPI, 15LPI, 16LPI, 18LPI, 20LPI, 22LPI, 25LPI, 30LPI, 32LPI, 40LPI, 42LPI, 50LPI, 52LPI, 60LPI. 3D lenticular sheet

The 40LPI, 50LPI, 59LPI, 70LPI, 80LPI, 90LPI, 100LPI, 161LPI, 200LPI, and other various 3D and change material, fly-eye lens 80 dot sheet; application of 3D products is very wide: 3D paintings, decorative paintings, posters, advertising light boxes, notebooks, clothing card hangtag, stationery, packaging products, apparel accessories, postcards, business cards, gifts, 3D sticker etc.. Design according to customer requirements, print LOGO effect: 3D, change, zooming, scrolling. Welcome!

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